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Fall in Love with a Circle

   My name is Rebecca and I have been spinning inside a plastic circle since February 2014. Spinning a hoop can do wonders to your mind, body, and soul. It is truly a form of meditation. My mission is to help others fall in love with this circle as much as I have. I offer lessons, event bookings, and beautiful hand-crafted hoops. Custom hoops are available upon request. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.



For all your festival prop needs!

The HoopScoop is an exclusive hoop accessory made in collaboration with @thehoophealer.

 Pack over 10 hoops with a hidden pocket to store LED batteries/remote, festival goodies, and more!

*One size fits all, up to 36"

SEPTEMBER: Featured Hooper

Lauren Hoffert, 29 Years Old

Hooping since:
3 Years Ago

Victoria, BC Canada

What got you into hooping?

" I got into hooping when I was having a particularly stressful week, a few years prior I had bought a hoop at one of my first festivals but never really got it into it. I could;t get my mind off finances so I just got up put on miss Deanne Love and watched tutorial videos in my front yard. I was hooked after that one night. "

Where is your favorite place to Hoop?

"My favorite place to hoop is the beach. Or right outside my house on my deck. I also love a good hoop jam!"

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Lots of time and love goes into each and every hoop I make. I am a Canadian based business, finally a close and affordable hoopsmith is available!


I am available for event  and performance bookings. Please send me an email for furthur information.


Individual and group lessons are available in person in the Victoria/Vancouver area. Individual skype lessons are available as well.