Canadian based hand-crafted hoop maker

Calling in the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air in this new hoop series by @thehoophealer. Each hoop is hand crafted with the utmost attention to detail using only the best products available. Polycarb inserts, push pins, and rivets make these hoops ideal to travel with! Need your hoop to collapse into 3 or 4 parts? Compact Travel Hoops are available as an add on!

Do you have an idea for custom tape or tubing? Email thehoophealer@gmail.com with your hoop vision! The possibilities are endless, let's create together!

Are you local to Victoria or Vancouver, BC Canada? Contact about pick up options and delivery!

With Gratitude,

Devaya (The Hoop Healer)

PS - Do you pack multiple hoops regularly? Take a look at the exclusive HoopScoop for a flashy, professional hoop and flow prop carrier! This accessory carries over 10 hoops up to 36” with a storage pocket for all of your festival needs. Add a HoopClip to secure your hoops even more!


All *NEW* HoopScoops *NEW* Element Series Coloured 3/4 Polypro Coloured 5/8 Polypro Taped Polypro Add-ons