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What size should my first hoop be?

Rule of thumb is from the floor to your belly button or higher. Although, I have found that sometimes that's just a little too large. I personally believe that a good size to begin with if you think that you will pick it up somewhat easily is 34”-36” hoop with a 3/4 diameter. If you think “I can’t even waist hoop!” then I suggest getting a heavier larger hoop. A shop I suggest to find these heavier hoops is www.hooperfit.com. Meg is awesome, tell her Rebecca sent you!

Here is an amazing link on hoop size and tubing type!


What’s the difference between 3 / 4 and 5 / 8 tubing diameter?

The most commonly used is 3/4 among hoopers. It is slightly larger/heavier, more durable (less likely to crack), and less reactive than the 5/8 tubing . 5/8 is used mostly by experienced hoopers because it is thinner and super reactive . But it is all personal preference!

What if I want to pick up my order instead of ship?

Please fill out the contact form if you would like to pick up your order in Victoria, BC. DO NOT complete your order online. Someone will answer you right away to start the order process.